In 2014, TORIBIO & DONATO was born as the result of the merge of two Costa Rican brands that, during their career, have demonstrated a passion for sustainable design and detailed manual work. The creative process of the brand involves the constant investigation of materials and innovation in each of the production processes.

Making our collections reflect a conscious lifestyle through handmade and versatile, high quality handmade garments and accessories, produced under ethical values, social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Mission: In Toribio Design we understand that EARTH is in danger. That’s why our goal is to use the resources we have (our business, our investments, our voice and our imagination) to innovate and do something about it. We know that our commercial activity is part of the problem, which is why we constantly work to improve our practices and share what we have learned.

We recognize that this is not enough and that the protection of the PLANET cannot be achieved at the expense of our communities or collaborators; Therefore, we propose a triple helix business model (economic, environmental and social), which in addition to serving as a reference for other similar activities, ensures the sustainability of our mission and the viability of our vision.

Vision: By 2040 we expect to be the leading company in the sustainable fashion industry worldwide, achieving a reduction of our environmental footprint by at least 50% compared to the industry average.

As part of our education and awareness plan, we want our clients to reduce their consumption habits by 30% regarding their current parameter.

In addition, we propose to be the main Costa Rican employer in the fashion industry, providing an ideal workspace that guarantees the eradication of extreme poverty among our employees; building a project of which we are proud to be part of.