Jose Ventura

Dominican Republic


Jose Ventura was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the age of 15 Jose moved to the United States and later studied biology and politics in Southern Germany. Ventura joined the
United States Marine Corps Reserve to serve and give back to a community that afforded him and his family so many opportunities. While serving in the US Military, Jose continued and ultimately completed his studies in politics and human behavior. Jose’s true passion was in fashion, and he spent some time experimenting with various techniques and began teaching himself the trade. Ultimately, he decided to assemble a portfolio and applied to Parsons School of Design in New York where he was accepted and recently completed his coursework. Jose has a passion for luxury and wanted to be exposed to all aspects of the industry before launching his own brand. He worked in luxury sales at Tourneau and four months later he was named the ambassador of the renowned timepiece and fine jewelry company Cartier New York. He quickly became the top sales associate and his passion for luxury really showed through his loyal customer base. During his time at Cartier his desire for luxury fashion grew even more. The way diamonds are cut and the fine detail that goes into these hand-made luxury pieces began to inspire a design concept he calls soft and hard. The inspiration of soft and hard was born from the exposure of seeing production of fine jewelry and how such strong medals are melted to provide a soft and elegant esthetic. He started to work with knits and the use of unconventional materials to hand knit and weave fabrics. Mr. Ventura’s capstone graduation collection from Parsons School of Design was immersed in this idea of soft and hard that inspired him throughout his work and studies. The collection was made of knit fabrics made by him of industrial cords which provided the illusion of softness and comfort, metallic brocades and silk organza fabrics. Ventura completed an internship at 3.1 Phillip Lim as a technical designer which really inspired
him to start his own company. Mr. Ventura registered his label this year as “Ventura” which works under the company VBCG Enterprises. Jose holds two degrees one from Fairleigh Dickinson
University and the other Parsons School of Design and is now a retired veteran of the US Marine Corps. He resides with his spouse in Vernon, New Jersey.

Brief paragraph of my showing collection

  • I AM 2.0 UnapologeticI AM 2.0 UNAPOLOGETIC is inspired by the idea of cubism and how hard lines and structural
    images can be put together to represent something real and at the same time provide an illusion.
    This collection will be presented with a mix of soft fabric such as blend cashmere, linen, silk and
    cotton and hard fabrics such as leather.
    A hard side of the VENTURA woman will be presented in this collection. I want to let the public
    know that beauty cannot be represented by one specific thing but many and that the perception of
    beauty cannot be individualized.