We are a Luxury Mexican footwear Company, which was born in November2016 with the Fall ’16 collection for men and women. Our product is 100% leather including materials, with imported and handcrafted finishes, giving an added value to the product so that our customers find their match. Each collection is designed according to the trends of every season, offering the market
a luxury shoe with personality and full of details. We want to publicize the workforce that characterize us as a creative Mexican company.

Our product is the result of work of an incredible team and the wonderful artisan hands that collaborate together. The combination of material selection and continuous improvement in our processes, allows us to offer a high quality product and exceptional service. We build dreams and we show what Mexico is made of: creativity & passion.

Our target consumers are people with an age range between 25 and 45 years old with a medium-high socioeconomic level. That are constantly looking for trends and are interested in
the current fashion. They are people who seek personality in a couple of shoes, that are always on avant-garde in fashion, originality and that identify themselves with Mexican brands.
They are people who travel, exercise, and do online shopping.